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Between the Boards

Have you ever seen “Between Two Ferns” with Zack Galifanakis? If you haven’t, it’s a quasi-bizzare talkshow where Zack asks some off the wall questions to throw guests for a loop. We aren’t going to go that far, but we want to stay connected and see what is going on during these uncertain times.

To keep us all in the loop, we are asking that everyone submit entries to the questions below – the best ones will be featured in our upcoming Employee Newsletter! If you would rather submit a video response, you can record yourself answering the questions below and submit it through the upload box below. Bonus points for the funniest, most interesting and all-around best submissions that are actually true!

All entries must be submitted through this form before 8am, April 15th.

Note: All photos must be workplace-appropriate.


This form is currently closed for submissions.