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Account Detail (Post May 1 2017)

Account Detail (Pre May 1 2017)

Preston Feather Building Centers are the experts for professional builders and contractors. Over 80% of our sales are to pros like you. What makes you strong is what we’re all about. When you plug into the muscle and know-how of Preston Feather, it’s like having a crackerjack project management team on your payroll.

We’re constantly building new ways to strengthen your business – online job account and purchase history, skilled and knowledgeable delivery drivers, ideas for stronger cash flow and more. Our Contractor Club collection offers special services and rewards for licensed builders. 

A hundred years in the building industry has hard-wired customer service into our DNA. From our front counters to our drivers, we’ve got your back – watching the details, preventing problems, and guiding your projects to a smooth finish. No surprises. Stronger bottom lines. Happier homeowners.

Build strong, Northern Michigan style.