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Preston Feather Employee Competition sign-ups

Employee Competition sign-ups
Hello and welcome.

The holiday season is upon us and although it looks a little different this year, we at Preston Feather still want to have fun with it. In lieu of the traditional celebrations, we have created some team-building competitions to spread a little cheer this year. Here is a breakdown of what we have going:

- Gingerbread house competition: This is your chance to be the architect or project manager that you always dreamed of being - with total control! Sign up below and we will send you a gingerbread house kit. All you have to do is assemble and decorate the house, then send in a photo of you with the house and your coworkers will vote on the best one! First prize is an awesome trophy/holiday ornament that you can display for years to come. Houses will be distributed in early December.

- Ugly sweater competition: you might win this one by accident. All you have to do is wear your ugliest sweater on December xxxx and your coworkers in your branch will vote on which one is the worst! The "winner" at each location will be entered to the overall bracket for PF, where everyone will have the chance to vote on the the ugliest sweater in Preston Feather. The winner at each location and for PF overall will receive an award.

- Best holiday card photo: bust out your camera and all of your extra lenses, we are looking for the best photo for the 2020 PF holiday card. Submit your photo at this link: xxxxxxxxxx for a chance to be selected as the Preston Feather photographer of the year! Winner will receive xxxxxxxxx

PF snowman/mascot competition: grab your best pair of gloves and your winter hat, it's time to create the PF winter mascot! This is a competition across all 4 stores to create the best mascot - there are no rules other than the mascot being made of snow. Winner gets xxxxxxxx

You will receive an email with more info for each competition you elect to enter. If you change your mind after submitting, just let Jordan Olivo or Jeff Hills know as soon as possible.

Thank you and good luck!

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Gingerbread house competition