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Employee reimbursement form

Expense Reimbursement

This form is used to request reimbursement for eligible business expenses, excluding mileage (see below for separate link to mileage reimbursement form).


To receive full reimbursement, please follow these steps:

  1. Expenses should have manager approval prior to being charged
  2. Submit completed form prior to the Friday before the next Payroll (every other Thursday)
  3. Attach appropriate receipts and documentation


Unless expense qualifies under an established reimbursement policy, every attempt to pay through company established vendors or credit cards should be made before reimbursement. Examples of charges which will not be reimbursed include customer related purchases, vehicle or store maintenance/repair, or reimbursements over a year old.

If you need to submit a mileage reimbursement, see the form here:

This will send the form to the manager listed for approval upon process.


Description of charge
Date of expense
Reimbursement Amount
Maximum upload size: 10.49MB