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Our thank you
The Preston Feather Contractor Club Rewards Program is our way to thank you for the opportunity to serve you. It also is designed to reward growth in our business relationship. Earning and tracking rewards is easy. Redeeming your rewards is even easier.


Purchases earn Contractor Club points.
Earn points faster by sourcing more content of each project through Preston Feather. 


Contractor Club cards will be issued quarterly with Preston Feather store credits based on purchase activity.
These credits can be used to purchase products or pay account balances at any Preston Feather location.


Save your Contractor Club credits and redeem them for a luxury vacation.
The Preston Feather Contractor Club trip is a rich tradition, highly reviewed and an exceptional experience. If you have joined us on a trip before, you know it is truly unique. If you have not joined us yet, we want to make it happen!


Redeem Contractor Club credits for other merchandise or services.
Special training events, apparel, or other activities.


Cards are transferable. Use like a gift card or credit card at Preston Feather.
• Reward an employee
• Give to your customer to say thank you
• Share with friends


Rewards points
When you reach your first $75,000 of annual purchases, your Contractor Card award is $250. For every $25,000 of purchases over $75,000, you receive another $250 in rewards. 

Example 1
First $75,000 = $250
Buy $15,000 more to reach $100,000 = $250

Example 2
First $75,000 = $250
Next $145,000 = $1,250
Buy $5,000 more to reach $225,000 = $250
TOTAL AWARD = $1,750


Contractor Club vacation
Redeem $6,000 of Contractor Club credits over a 2-year timeframe for our next trip in January 2020.

Fine print
Account balance must be current in good standing to earn points. Annual purchases January 1 through December 31, net of taxes and discounts.