Northern Michigan Building Centers & Design Showrooms

To Our Vendors:

Preston Feather has built its business upon the foundation of quality, service, and good relationships. We are committed to providing our customers a great building experience, the Preston Feather Experience that sets the standard in our industry. You, as our valued partners in the supply chain, are critical to this process.

Clear communication.

We know in order to meet our customers’ expectations for the products and services we provide, we must clearly communicate these expectations and our needs to you. We have developed a process and set of terms that we believe will help do this. This process is outlined in the accompanying document “Order Processing Terms”. It explains in clear terms how we require orders to be placed and confirmed. It also addresses requirements for time lines, communication, logistics, packaging, damage, returns, and warranty claims.

Anticipating Our Customers’ Needs.

We’ve polled our best customers to understand products and services most important to them, and how they see their needs changing the next 3-5 years. They tell us homeowners’ access to information, advances in building technology and shortages of labor create new challenges and they need us to help reduce construction costs, shorten building schedules, streamline billing and improve their cash flow. We have started measuring our own customer service based on these metrics. Over the next year you will begin to see better feedback from us on key metrics and scorecards related to your performance. This will help us communicate and continuously improve together.

Setting Goals We Achieve Together.

Our goal is to set and maintain reasonable expectations and eliminate costly errors and delays. We will hold no one accountable to a standard higher than that which we have set for ourselves. Thank you for your consideration and ongoing support.


Please download and read our Order Processing Terms for Vendors document here