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Forms and builder resources

The building process can be overwhelming – we try to give you access to important documents and forms to make you more prepared.

The schedule below lays out the “big” documents that are used for the contract and legal side of construction projects.

If you have any questions, Preston Feather and Greg Luyt hosted several training sessions on Michigan Lien Law in April 2019 – the presentation can be found here.


What When Why Who it Protects
Contract for Scope of Work Prior to start of project Details the contract terms between the Property Owner and General Contractor Contractor
Notice of Commencement Prior to start of project Recorded by Property Owner and shared with General Contractor. Explains to all involved who the property owner and general contractor is. All relevant information to protect lien claims. Subcontractors and Suppliers
Michigan Notice of Furnishing Within 20 days after first supplying labor/materials (only once for each job) Informs Property Owner who is supplying materials and maintaining lien rights.
Our only direct communication with the Property Owner.
General contractor also receives a copy
Subcontractors and Suppliers
Michigan Statuary Sworn Statement  – Any time request for payment is made
 – Any time an owner requests
 – By sub when contractor requests
Legal document sworn under oath by penalty of perjury. Schedule that lists final allocation of draw requests. All parties
Payments and Lien Waiver At time of payment Payment for material. Lien waivers are a paid receipt confirming how much or when they are paid through. Property owner

Claim of Lien (if necessary)

Within 90 days after the last day of providing labor/materials Document filed with county to cloud title. Property cannot be mortgaged, sold, etc.  Followed by lawsuit to foreclose lien. Contractor, Subcontractors, Suppliers